Enter The 2016 Cherry Blossom Tournament!

Are you ready for DC's most exciting doubles tournament? Act quickly before the March 24th submission deadline or spots fill up!

Tournament Dates: April 7 - 10, 2016

Click here to get the details and to submit your entry form for the tournament!

Crash Course: Group Court Tennis Lessons

Click here to book your spot!
• Ideal for 4 players, up to 6 can be accommodated
• Crash Course introduction to the sport
• Learn the basics and then jump into playing
• Complimentary court side beverages post lesson
• Price per person $15

Package Includes:
• Dedicated Teaching Professional
• Court fees
• Racquets and ball equipment (players need to bring their athletic attire* and shoes.
• Suggested shoes are tennis/squash/indoor shoes)
*white athletic attire preferred but not required.
Click here to book your spot!

Learn About Prince’s Court

The Silver Line Metro Comes to Prince’s Court

We are excited to announce that Prince's Court is now a 7 minute walk from the McLean metro station! Find out more here.
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